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Anaïs Damour

I am a Naturopathic Practitioner, certified in Integrative Health & Psychogenealogy and I help people and companies in optimizing health and well-being with my expertise as a health educator.

After living and working abroad (Seoul, Shanghai, Frankfurt, Copenhagen) in consulting and start-ups for 6 years, I experienced the consequences of a poor work-life balance on my health.

Indeed, in 2019, due to chronic stress and an emotional shock, my body stopped working because of an autoimmune thyroid disease.

After five months of medical research and a complicated period of illness, I finally managed to heal thanks to natural techniques.

Living with an invisible disease taught me how important the body-mind balance is for health.

This life chapter definitely made me stronger. And I now feel fulfilled with a meaningful and human-oriented purpose:

to support and educate towards a more natural health

for more prevention worldwide. 

Anaïs Damour Integrative Natural Health Practitioner
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Integrative Health & Phytotherapy Certified QUALIOPI 

(Institute of Endobiogeny, Preventive & Integrative Medicine), 2022

"Naturopathic Practitioner" - Two-year program Certified QUALIOPI

(Institute of Humanistic Naturopathy), 2021-2023

Certification "The Science of Well-Being" 

(Yale University), 2020

Master's in International Business (ESSCA Business School), 2012-2017

  • President of Educo India, humanitarian association

  • Member of the FXB Village, humanitarian project (Rwanda)

   Master's thesis: "Le commerce équitable des cosmétiques naturels" (Fair trade of natural cosmetics)


Autoimmunity (Institute of Endobiogeny, Preventive & Integrative Medicine), 2023

- Understanding the development of autoimmune diseases

- Identifying neuroendocrine mechanisms of autoimmune conditions

- Support autoimmune diseases

Psychogenealogy (Institute of Humanistic Naturopathy), 2023

- Analysis of family tree and history

- Transgenerational transmission of trauma

- Emotional blockage release and reappropriation of personal history


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