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  An individualized & human-centered  

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      First of all ...  

Before choosing your individualized natural health program, the initial step is to take some time for yourself and reflect:

"Is it the right moment for me to invest in my health?"

  How can an individualized   support help you?  

Together we will carry out a holistic research to identify your imbalances in order to optimise your overall health.

My responsibility is to help you to be healthier in the long-term. How? By explaining to you the mechanisms of your "internal terrain" and give you advice adapted to your body needs according to naturopathic principles.

Remember that you have all the resources in yourself to take control over your health and move forward on the path to wellness.

  So, are you available  
  to invest in your health?  

YES. Then you will find your happiness in the individualised health programs* below.

NO. No worries! Give yourself some time. It might not be the right moment yet, so be kind to yourself.

*Health should be accessible and affordable for everyone, so if you are a student or job seeker, please contact me to get more information about applied prices (with proof).
Restore your balance with natural and integrative health
If your goal is to get your health back:

- Thyroid disorders (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto's, Graves')

- Autoimmune disease

- Hormonal imbalances & infertility

- Invisible and chronic diseases (PCOS, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, diabetes)

- Chronic digestive problems (SIBO, IBS, gastritis, candidiasis)

- Weight gain or loss

- Chronic fatigue, burnout, depression

- Stress, anxiety, emotion management

or simply have a better lifestyle!

Different services
Consultation Naturopathie

First session: 1h30

Follow-up: 50 min

Take care of your health naturally

Naturopathy session

Reviews from Happy Customers
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