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  Take care of your health and preserve your vitality 

 thanks to natural medicine 


The increasing development of so-called "diseases of civilisation" as well as chronic and invisible illnesses leads us to reflect on our current lifestyles.

The imperatives of the modern society can have negative impacts on our health. Indeed many factors (such as processed food, sedentary lifestyle, chronic stress, sleep deprivation, lack of self-time) can cause internal imbalances.

And when the body speaks, the best response is to listen.​

In that sense, naturopathy (or natural health) can support your health and be the ally of your body and mind.

Recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a world traditional medicine, naturopathy offers plenty of natural solutions for everyone to preserve vitalityprevent diseases and stimulate the body's self-healing mechanisms.

Anaïs Damour

Natural & Integrative Health Practitioner

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"Your health is your real wealth."

Anaïs Damour
Natural Health Practitioner 
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After working in consulting and start-ups for 6 years internationally, I became interested in natural health techniques after being diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease. I found a return to health thanks to the naturopathic path (nutrition, movement, psycho-emotional techniques).

Following this life chapter, I developed a real passion for health prevention, particularly  for invisible and chronic illnesses in the business environment.

Today, I support people, companies and organizations to find a way to a more natural health in my area of expertise as a health educator.

Self-awareness, balance & body-mind connection are, in my opinion, the key elements to well-being.

Why did I choose natural health?

  Find the right support* for you
and take care of yourself naturally 




Get your personalized vital hygiene program adapted to your current needs and optimize your overall health

Find root causes of your hypo/hyperthyroidism and improve your life thanks to the "Butterfly Effect" Protocol

Analyze your family tree, understand the family history and free yourself emotionally from what did not start with you

Improve the quality of life at work for your employees to have a positive impact on your business


*Naturopathy is a complementary technique to allopathic medicine. The health support programs offered do not substitute the recommendations of your GP.
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