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Hashimoto's disease: My Healing Journey

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

If one day, someone would have told me this story, I would have never believed it. And yet, it happened.

Let me share with you the story of when Hashimoto's disease came to mess up with my life and then put everything back in order.

My name is Anaïs Damour and I live with Hashimoto's disease: an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks the thyroid.

Thyroid, what is it? An endocrine gland that plays a crucial role with different vital functions in the body.

What are the possible consequences of the disease? Destruction of the thyroid and living with annoying symptoms (extreme fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood swings, weight gain, cold sensitivity, hair loss, etc).


The disease started when I was 26 years old. At that time, I just graduated with a Master's degree in International Business and I was starting my career in a consulting firm in Frankfurt (Germany).

I was happy, well surrounded, travelling across the world and I was smiling all the time.

At the same time, I had been feeling tired for months. But I was only focusing on my job (because of professional duties) rather than on my health. Unfortunately, I did not listen to my body signals that were basically indicating a lack of sleep, chronic stress, digestive disorders and a cervical hernia.


In January 2019, I caught infectious mononucleosis and I was bedridden for a week. Once again, I did not listen to my body and kept living the fast life while I felt exhausted.

To top it off, I got the "great" idea to open a door from the past that has been closed for ten years without checking if I was ready for it.

And this is how I triggered my own emotional shock.

At this time, I did not listen to my body or my mind. So, of course, the inevitable happened. On February 6, 2019, I collapsed from exhaustion. My body broke down, my vision got blurry, I could not stand up or walk. I experienced dizziness and abdominal pain.

I also ended up with a brain fog, memory loss and anxiety. I got this feeling that my body was working in slow mode. And I no longer had any control.

I had the impression I was on a rollercoaster and everything was all over the place. My emotions and sensations were inexplicable. I was suffering but I didn't have the strength to think, nor explain. And how can you explain something that you don't even understand?

A month later, I was still in a pitiful state. I was suffering physically and emotionally.

I consulted several doctors who all came to the same conclusion: "You are perfectly healthy. Everything is in your head."

How could they tell me this? I remembered that a few days before, I felt such an intense pain that my tears flowed without being able to stop them. I suffered like I never did in my entire life.

The pain was everywhere and interminable. So endless that I only had one desire: get out of my body. It was official, my body became my prison.

While I was suffering on all levels, people around me started to give me advice about MY health (because apparently, it is acceptable to share your opinion on someone else's health): "You are in depression", "you are weak", "stop acting", "are you still tired?", "you burn out".

From this particular moment, I realised something was wrong. And it was out of question that I would remain in this situation. I wanted to be happy again. It was time to be my own health advocate.

JUNE 2019

After five months of hell, meaning diagnosis research (with multiple blood tests, medical visits and intensive personal investigations), I finally got the diagnosis: "You have an auto-immune thyroiditis."

What a huge relief! I was not crazy. Something was really going on.

Then, I felt sad. I was sick and my only option was a lifelong treatment. Why me?

Thereafter, I experienced anger. Because I realised I visited several doctors and none of them took me seriously?

Following the diagnosis, I got prescribed L-Thyroxin (25 μg) and I was left alone with my symptoms, no excuses, nothing.

In the end, one thing saved me: my willingness to fight back and not let an illness change me more than it already did.

What helped me: the eagerness of feeling joyful again and my injustice wound. How fortunate!

With the diagnosis, I could finally start educating myself. What does thyroiditis mean? What about autoimmune?

From there, I undertook some research work. I was still in a brain fog at that point, but I had a goal: a return to health to get my life back.

So, I read everything related to thyroid diseases. Books, medical studies, stories, in English, German and French.

To support me with this pursuit of well-being, I bought a notebook on which I wrote down all important information to understand everything about Hashimoto's disease.

JULY 2019

I was lucky to read "Hashimoto's protocol" by Izabella Wentz, an American pharmacologist, who explained the mechanisms of Hashimoto's disease with simplicity. She created a 90 days protocol based on dietary and lifestyle changes. So I decided to go for it.

What did I have to loose anyway? My vision was not fully back and I was still struggling a bit with my memory!

From one day to another, I went on an anti-inflammatory diet and implemented techniques for stress management. At the same time, I started a brief therapy to cleanse my emotions. If I was going to get my life back, I would give 100% of myself!


With daily efforts, such as keeping a positive mindset, having an irreproachable healthy lifestyle, I finally got my health back. I was able to work out, I smiled again, my vision came back, I could remember what I did the day before, my brain fog totally disappeared and I got my body back.

Of course, there were days where I felt sad or moody. But who doesn't?

« Living with Hashimoto's is not easy everyday. Because the thyroid would play trick on you depending on life moments. So positivity is important not to let this condition take over. »

JULY 2020

One day, following an appointment with my endocrinologist, she suggested to stop the L-Thyroxin treatment. In her opinion, I no longer needed the medication.

So my lifestyle helped me to reduce the inflammation and balance my thyroid hormones. I was surprised and extremely happy. So, I accepted!


Today, I still live without any hormone replacement treatment and I don't have any symptoms anymore. I am happy, active and I found a way to well-being thanks to a healthy lifestyle and a connection to myself.

To be honest, there were periods where the inflammation increased (so my thyroid hormones fluctuated). But, I finally understood that my Hashimoto's was exacerbated in case of chronic stress, mental load, consumption of food rich in histamine and/or during winter season.

I am still optimistic and I shifted my perspective to have a positive outlook: living with an autoimmune disease means that my body talks to me when I don't listen to myself enough. And in terms of body-mind connection, I can't do better.

In the end, I found a way to live with my condition. And I won the battle with a better health, more emotional intelligence and a lot of gratitude to be able to write those words to you.

Anaïs Damour



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